Provide Consulting Engineering Services for Civil and Architectural Projects:

Providing Economical/ Outsourced Services and Consortium - Collaborations to American, European, Middle East, Asian and Asian Pacific civil engineering and construction companies, design/ drawings, turnkey design & shop drawings, supervision services for concrete & steel buildings, bridges, highways and industrial structures.

Survey and Feasibility of Civil Engineering Projects.

Structural Design of Ultra tall and High Rise Buildings, Structures, Industrial Structures, Power Plants, Special Structures, Arenas, Domes, Large Span Roofs, High Transmission Towers etc.

Highways, Urban Mass Transit Structures, Traffic Engineering and City Intersections.

Large Span River Bridges (Post-tensioned, Structural Steel), Urban Flyovers, Railways Bridges, (Conceptual Plans, Field Survey, Feasibility and Economic Studies, Detailed Design, Preparation of Shop Drawings, Project Supervision and Management).

Outsourcing, collaboration with USA, European and Canadian Firms: LA has collaborated with European and Canadian Firms for preparation of Design, Drawings, Shop Drawings and Local Liaison for Urban Mass Transit Project, Power Plants, Design and Supervision of Highways & Bridges.

The Firm is registered as Consultant with FIDIC and most of the National and several International Project Development Agencies, Highway Department, Oil & Gas Companies, Industrial Corporations etc.