Loya Associates have been occasionally involved in preparation of design, engineering drawings and shop drawings for European and Canadian Firms, because of the Firm's experience in usage of European and American Buildings, Highways and Bridges Codes and related software and the background of its Principal's extensive work experience in those countries. The performance and production have been found satisfactory. The transmission of data, check prints and final drawings has been done on online through high profile computers and plotters.

Because of low pay scale and production cost in third world countries, the Foreign Firms have found the outsourcing an attractive mode for engineering design and drawings.

The following major projects were outsourced to Loya Associates, Karachi

Blome & Voss - Germany: 3 MW Power House
SNC Lavelin - Canada: 11 Km long elevated Rail Structure and Stations of Mass

    Transit in Karachi ( Population 15 M ) - Pakistan.